About Us

WA Belting Solutions is an Australian owned company which has what every open minded company wants which is a solution to their belting needs, whether it be conveying, transfer of power or synchronous drive.

We stock and supply the very best quality of Australian made and imported conveyor belt.

We are proud distributors of the most innovative range of all pvc belt types including bare fabric and solid woven types.We can quote your belting needs in any colour, ply and cover thickness up to 2000mm wide.

We can back this up with the best cleating and tracking rib adhesion in Australia.

Your conveying needs are in the best hands with a multitude of types of belting for all your needs whether it be flat or incline conveying, we can supply plied or monofiliament belting or plastic modular.

We have also your best quality high duty flat belts available for drives such as paper mills, timber industries, printing etc.

For all your power transmission needs we can supply drives of all denominations with the latest technology such as vee belt, timing belt, polychain gt2, htd, polyvee etc.

Whether it be round, flat, vee, modular or basic conveying we have the solution for you.

WA Belting Solutions are proud sponsors of the WA Special Needs Children’s Christmas Party