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We provide innovative and cost-effective industrial solutions


Conveyor Belting

WA Belting can provide you with any type of Conveyor Belt that you require. Whether it be Elevator Belting, Monofiliament Belting or one of the many others available, we have the solution for you. 


Power Drives

We are the problem solvers when it comes to solving your drive needs. We can offer you space saving products that will save you big dollars over existing problem chain and vee belt drives.


Belting Fasteners

We have available the best range of high quality MINET fasteners available ex stock, ranging from the mini record light duty to the self lock range right up to the heavy duty super screw range.

Screw Splice

We offer a flexible rubber splice to screw on to the belt as an alternative to vulcanizing. The system can be installed regardless of the configuration of the conveyor belt, access conditions and weather conditions.

flexible SCREW SPLICE2.jpg


As distributors of Sanki conveyors, we offer both Sanki Flat Belt Conveyors & Trough Belt Conveyors.

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Adept Conveyor

As the proud distributor for Adept Conveyor Technologies, WA Belting Solutions is skilled in consultative capacities and is very willing to assist you to achieve smoother and safer product movement in your operations in the most cost effective manner.



WA Belting Solutions is an Australian owned company which has what every open minded company wants which is a solution to their belting needs, whether it be conveying, transfer of power or synchronous drive.

We stock and supply the very best quality of Australian made and imported conveyor belt.

We are proud distributors of the most innovative range of all pvc belt types including bare fabric and solid woven types.We can quote your belting needs in any colour, ply and cover thickness up to 2000mm wide.

We can back this up with the best cleating and tracking rib adhesion in Australia.

Your conveying needs are in the best hands with a multitude of types of belting for all your needs whether it be flat or incline conveying, we can supply plied or monofiliament belting or plastic modular.

We have also your best quality high duty flat belts available for drives such as paper mills, timber industries, printing etc.

For all your power transmission needs we can supply drives of all denominations with the latest technology such as vee belt, timing belt, polychain gt2, htd, polyvee etc.

Whether it be round, flat, vee, modular or basic conveying we have the solution for you.

WA Belting Solutions are proud sponsors of the WA Special Needs Children’s Christmas Party


Latest News

What's been happening with WA Belting?

WA Belting Solutions are proud to announce becoming the WA Distributor of Goodyear Industrial Hoses.This is another quality product that adds to our Materials Handling Regime.Famous names of hoses such as Ortac are widely respected around the world and we can supply in rolls and reels for your requirements.We can supply for all applications including Air and Multipurpose, Chemical, Food, Mining, Materials Handling, Steam, Water suction and Discharge, Welding and the list goes on.Call us now for a quote to supply your needs. Click the Goodyear Icon to see the full catalogue.


We adhere to stringent quality!

We are professional, competitive and competent in our service

“With our clients in mind, we work meticulously to provide the best services for them. Our partners include manufacturers and distributors, as well as service providers in a variety of industries.”


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