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Conveyor Belting

Meat Conveying

Our range of australian made belting is widely used in abbatoirs is available in tan/white colours and in 2,3 and 4ply with covers to suit your needs.

Potato Conveying

Our 2,3&4ply green pvc is widely used in the fruit and veg industries we can fit and flights belts up to a height of 100mm tee or tubetop type cleats

Volta Sidewall

This FDA USDA and AQIS approved homogeneous type belt is widely used in the meat, poultry, fish and dairy industries and is cut and abrasion resistant.
It can be fitted with tracking guides, tee cleats and sidewall and is available up to 6mm thick for even the harshest conveying applications.

Monofiliament Belting

We have a wide range of monofiliament belting in 1,2 and 3ply which is ideal for applications of general conveying of boxes, food handling and such applications as airport baggage handling.Using this type of belt ensures that edgecurl doesnt exist.

Elevator Belting

We can supply rubber, pvc and solid woven belting complete with buckets, both in steel and nylon fitted up for all your elevating needs.

SANKI Portable Conveyors:

SANKI portable conveyors which can be supplied with a flat or troughed belt are available one day from order.All parts are available ex stock also, check us out for a quote.

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