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Polyurethane Conveyor Skirting

Polyurethane Conveyor belt skirting is a specifically designed polyurethane sheet, used as a sealing strip on conveyor system loading, transfer and discharge points to direct material onto the conveyor belt and reduce spillage. This modified polyurethane type strip material will reduce spillage, lower dust emissions, and decrease belt damage. By virtue of extremely tough resistant to abrasion, cuts, tears and impact, polyurethane conveyor skirting lasts an average of 3-5 times longer than rubber skirt equivalents. It’s ideal for mining, aggregate, foundries and all lighter duty industries as well.

Polyurethane Skirting offering strength and performance

    Made from high quality, high performance Polyurethane
    Provides up to 10 times better wear life
    High tensile strength
    Low Coefficient of Friction
    The conveyor skirting materials are belt Friendly
    Pre-existing mounts and setup friendly
    High Abrasion resistant
    High durability and lasts longer than rubber skirting
    Effective sealing and non porous
    Chemical resistance ensures adaptability in many environments from wet clay to iron ore
    Reusable, recyclable, reduces consumption and material wastage


​​​Polyurethane Skirting for a range of applications
As the mining and bulk handling industry advances and progresses, a few key points have emerged as critical factors that make or break a profitable and safe operation:

    Production or performance rates
    Maintenance and running costs
    Health and safety criteria and quotient
    Risk management (including current and failure litigation)
    Production cycles and run times
    Efficiency and wastage of materials and supplies
    Costs incurred in maintenance scheduling and administration


12mm x 100mm x 15 mtr roll
12mm x 150mm x 15 mtr roll
12mm x 200mm x 15 mtr roll
Shore Hardness 75A

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