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Scanbelt is high quality product made in Denmark has 38 different types of plastic modular conveyor belting for every possible application.

It is available in polyethylene, polypropylene and polyacetal giving the best available on the world market today in toughness, chemical resistance and temperature range. Many more types are available on request given all applications.

This quality range is positive driven and one of the most cost effective and long lasting conveying types on the market today.

For a number of years ScanBelt has supplied belts for one of the leading producers of french fries and potato chips etc. in the world. The desire to maintain their working environment as clean as posible was was the main criteria for installaing our ScanBelt Easy to Clean series belts in their factories.
We are proud to be sole distributor in Australia of this quality product, for full specification and a full presentation of this product click on the SCANBELT icon to view the full range.

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