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Selflex Hinged and Stapled Fastener

WA Belting Solutions are the sole distributors of Selflex Hinged and Staple fasteners and installation tools.

Hinged And Stapled Fastener
With pre-inserted staples and a one-piece strip design, Selflex Hinged and Stapled Fasteners makes splicing quick and easy.

Features and Benefits:

  • Strong and impact-resistant splice.

  • Abrasion resistant splice.

  • The front edge of the fastener is beveled to allow it to interface smoothly with conveyor components.

  • Faster installation compared to vulcanisation method

Installation Options:
The installation of MR01 and MR02 can be done with the installation tools MA02-10, MA02-20, MA02-40, MA02-100.
The installation of MR03 can be done with the installation tool MA03-15.

  • Available in sizes 60cm, 80cm, 100cm. Can be manufactured in special sizes as per order.

  • Available in steel, stainless steel 316Q.


  • Fasteners are shipped inside carton boxes as 5 sets/box. Connecting pins are included in the boxes.


  • Package and baggage handling, cased goods, parts, food and agricultural products.

  • Belts from 1,5 – 6,5 mm (1/16” – 1/4”) thick, with mechanical fastener ratings up to 40 kN/m and minimum pulley diameters 50 mm.

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