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Sanki/Sancon conveyors have been used in virtually any application thinkable and these include conveying, mineral sands, iron ore, gold bearing ore, fertiliser, soil, grain, cement, coal, sewage material, etc.

Belt conveyors are available in three belt widths, 350mm, 450mm and 600mm wide. The lengths available are from 4.0m  to 50m. The system is fully modular so the lengths can easily be changed.

The conveyors are suitable for any tonnage under 100tph. Conveyors can be assembled within 24 hours, and all spare parts are Ex Stock. Therefore we can offer a prompt solution to your conveying needs. We can also offer many options on our conveyors, including more substantial gearbox drive arrangements, covers, skirts, pull wire switches, heavy duty idlers, etc.

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